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I'm trying to write seriously about my experience with receiving ECT over the last six weeks. This is difficult and personal, but I think is an important thing that's worth doing. There weren't a lot of people writing about it when I was doing my research, for one. :)

I can admire Kitty Dukakis and Carrie Fisher for talking openly about their experiences with ECT, but they also had advantages and support most people don't have access to.

General summary: the treatment was life-changing and my experience was overall positive, but the but experience of receiving treatment (the hospital, the amnesia, the helplessness, the coercion) WAS pretty bad, and I am lucky that I didn't get hurt more seriously than I did. If I'd done this 5 years ago it would have likely been traumatic and not remotely beneficial. As it was it was still one of the scariest things I've ever been through. And my life's been pretty scary at times.

Anyone want to read the draft I have? (It goes into some specifics that I don't want to share more generally right now.)

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